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Graduate Training

Neuroscience Graduate Group

Neuroscience Graduate Group

The UC Davis Center for Neuroscience is home to one of the premier graduate training programs in the United States.

Center for Neuroscience graduate students come from a wide array of Graduate Groups. Each Graduate Group has independent administration and bylaws specific to the training of its students.  They also have differing course and rotation requirements.  Students from all Graduate Groups with an interest in neuroscience research are encouraged to apply to laboratories within the Center for Neuroscience.  Current Center for Neuroscience students are members of the following Graduate Groups

Postdoctoral Training

The Center for Neuroscience offers excellent training for postdoctoral fellows. A large and interactive community, Center for Neuroscience fellows benefit from the unparalleled energy of faculty and numerous opportunities for career development, including participation in Advanced Graduate Training Programs (see list below), grant writing classes, and interactions with speakers.

Several NIH-funded training programs are available to our postdocs, based on their research interest.  These groups offer a core curriculum in specific research areas:

 Visit our employment page for postdoctoral fellowship opportunities. Interested students are encouraged to contact faculty members directly.